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How you can help
1. Register your organization as a participant in the project by
contacting MarinLink at (415)472-0211 or email nancy@marinlink.org.
2. Fill out the Community Network Registry.
3. Like Marin Food System Assessment on Facebook.
4. Step up, host a meeting, spread the word!

The Marin County
Food System Assessment
is a project of Marin Link

Supported by a grant from the
Marin Community Foundation

Marin County Food System
Assessment Team

  David W. Haskell

Project Manager Specialist, Delta Verde, Fairfax, CA
Director, Healthier Children Initiative

Discover – identify the community’s current resources and assets.
Dream – envision the desired future.
Design – identify priorities and develop strategies to achieve the vision.
Deliver – implement approved action plans, monitor, and celebrate successes.
Drive – programs as part of the Marin Food Alliance.

Leah Smith
Agricultural Institute of Marin

Donna West
Marin County Dept. of Public Health

Mark Bauermeister, PhD. candidate,
Iowa State University

Kiki La Porta
Sustainable Marin

Descom Studios, San Rafael

Mary O’Mara & Nancy Boyce

Project Contributors

Theresa Rockas
Healthy Marin Partnership

Miguel Villareal
Novato School District Food Service Mgr.

Lynn Lo Presto
Dominican University

Christine Berman
Share our Strength Foundation

Website developed by: Delta Verde
 David W. Haskell, Senior Project Manager
Project and Web  Graphics by: Descom Studio
Kiki La Porta, President/General Manager
For further Information:
Nancy Boyce,  MarinLink
415 472-0211